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Filetillo salteado de pollo/ Chicken Sautés (Chicken cuts in strips with onions and pepper in a home-style sauce)
Pollo a la Campesina/ Roast Chicken (Roast chicken thigh cooked in our internationality specialty)
Pollo Teriyaki/ Chicken Teriyaki (Boneless chicken breast topped with teriyaki sauce)
Arroz con Pollo/ Chicken with yellow rice
Arroz Imperial/ Imperial Rice (Stuffed rice with chicken topped with cheese)
Bistec Relleno/ Stuffed Steak (Breaded steak stuffed with ham and cheese topped with mashroom sauce)
Boliche en Salsa Espñola/ Eye Round Roast in Spanish Sauce
Boliche en Salsa de Champiñones/ Eye Round Roast in Mushroom Sauce
Boliche en Salsa Criolla/ Eye Round Roast in Creole Sauce
Carne Asada/ Roast Beef
Carne Mechada/ Stuffed Eye round Roast
Filetillo de Carne Salteado/ Steak Sautés (Steak cut in strips with onions and peppers in a home style sauce)
Salpicon/ Meat Loaf
Lasagna de Carne o Vegetales/ Vegetables or Meat Lasagna
 Masas de Cerdo Fritas/ Fried Pork Chunks
Masas de Cerdo Ahumadas/ Smoke Pork Chunks
Lechon Asado/ Roast Pork
Lomo de Cerdo a la Naranja/ Pork Loin in Orange Sauce
Pavo Relleno/ Turkey with stuffing
Side Dished
Choose One
Arroz Blanco/ White Rice
Arroz Moro/ Black bean and White Rice (Cooked together)
Arroz Congri/ Red Bean and White Rice (Cooked together)
Arroz Amarillo/ Yellow Rice
Arroz Amarillo con Vegetales/ Yellow Rice with vegetables
Arroz Amarillo con vegetales y jamon/ Yellow Rice with vegetable and ham
Arroz Pilaf/ Pilaf Rice
Arroz Salvaje/ Wild Rice
Arroz con gandules/ Rice with chick peas
Arroz Sorpresa/ Mixed Rice
Choose One
Papas Doradas con Perejil/ Golden Potatoes with Parsley
Papas Milanesa/ Potatoes with bacon, butter and topped with cheese
Papas al Graten/ Potatoes in Cheese sauce
Papas con mojo/ Potatoes with seasoning
Papa Asada/ Baked Potatoes
Papas Bravas/ Brave Potatoes (potatoes woth cooked sausage and onions)
Papas a la Alemana/ German Potatoes (Potatoes with cooked bacon and onions)
Pure de papa/ Mash Potatoes
Vegetales Mixtos/ Mixed Vegetables
Habichuelas con almendras/ Green Beans with Almond
Zanahorias Glazeadas/ Glazed Carrots
Yuca con Mojo/ Cassava with seasoning
Platanos Maduros/ Fried Sweet Plantains